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Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. – Peter Drucker

BODY by Gym Roots was founded in 2013. Under the direction of our founder, Paula Lord, the studio has became a center of life-transforming physical healing in Fishers, IN. Paula is not your average Pilates instructor. She holds the title Master of Sport for Rhythmic Gymnastics and is a nationally recognized choreographer for dance and gymnastics. In addition, Paula holds a degree in physics and has continued studying in areas of neuroplasticity, postural rehabilitation, and energy healing. These credentials alone are enough to boost the reputation of our gym.

What separates our studio from other physical healing centers out there is our real care for clients. If you have troubles with your physique and emotional well-being, you can reach out to us easily. After an initial set of two private sessions, we will recommend a  program uniquely tailored for you based on your personal goals, budget, and availability.

Regardless of your present state of physical fitness, our programs are flexible enough to meet your physical and mental well-being needs. Everyone from the most physically challenged to the most competitive elite athlete can find opportunities for growth and development with us. Whether it be through private training to work out specific goals, through participation in our fun group classes, or through special workshops and clinics either here or in your space, we are ready and willing to share our knowledge and expertise.

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Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. – Brian Tracy​

Just as each client comes with a unique set of physical and mental attributes, so does each of our instructors come with a unique set of skills. What binds us all is our attention to detail through the Perfect 10 Posture system. Our goal is to meet clients on their own journey and assist them with moving forward from that point. We also speak from a place of understanding, as we all strive to "walk the walk" and apply our principles to our own experience.

We are constantly looking to evolve and bring the most efficient tools into our repertoire, always with attention and regard for what helps the client most effectively. As we seek to create efficient and functional healing movements, it may help when we assist the client to overcome limiting factors and energetic blockages on the physical, emotional, or energetic planes. The results when clients are open and receptive to a variety of modalities are astounding and the success stories speak for themselves.

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Perfect 10 Posture, Pilates, Suspension Training, MCKS Pranic Healing

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